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Revolutionizing workplace safety and injury prevention

Using sensors, data and AI analytics

Staff doing manual-handling tasks with SpatialCortex MOVA technology to understand and reduce MSDs and injuries

Spinal Compression

~2400 N

Horizontal Distance

Vertical Distance

Torso Posture


Reduce and prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

Our technology enables a proactive and preventative approach to managing MSDs and manual-handling injuries, while keeping staff at the heart of everything you do.

SpatialCortex allows objective manual-handling risk-assessment

Risk assessments

Take advantage of Objective data to increase accuracy, robustness and remove subjectivity. Proactively monitor leading indicators.

SpatialCortex MOVA data helps developing manual-handling training

Targeted training 

Move away from generic training. Create task specific engaging and immersive training with intuitive 3D visualizations.

SpatialCortex MOVA Sensors and AI helps prevent MSDs and injuries through real-time alerts

Risk mitigation 

Evaluate and implement suitable controls. Design safe ergonomic interfaces and implement effective risk mitigations.

SpatialCortex MOVA helps developing injury prevention control measures proactively

Real-time prevention

Protect vulnerable staff and managing return-to-work through exposure based real-time alerts.


Our Achievements in Numbers


MSD reduction potential


Return-on-Investment (RoI)


in R&D and validation


Real-life, industrial tasks


Industry, Innovation Awards

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

SpatialCortex is supported by Transport for Wales TFW
SpatialCortex is supported by London North Eastern Railway LNER

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Discover our range of revolutionary technology to help you with your safety journey

Supported by

SpatialCortex is supported by Innovate UK
SpatialCortex technology is supported by SetSquared
SpatialCortex reduces MSDs and manual-handling injuries in rail sector. Supported by TFW Labs

by Transport for Wales

SpatialCortex reduces MSDs and manual-handling injuries in rail sector. Supported by LNER FutureLabs
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