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Wearable biomechanical technology that helps understand ergonomic risks and reduce manual-handling injuries proactively.

SpatialCortex MOVA wearable sensors for MSD injury reduction

Wearable Sensors

Attachable to any workwear

Integrates seamlessly to PPE

Designed with ease of implementation in mind, our sensor modules can integrate seamlessly to existing PPEs and workwear, with minimal-to-no modifications required.

Suitable for any environments

Our sensors are designed for day-to-day use in complex environments, both indoor and outdoors.


Our sensors have in-built magnetic immunity. IP65 rated and certified for use in harsh environments

Battery powered

Our sensors are small, fully wireless, portable and comes with the best in class battery run-time:


24hrs (3 work shifts) and can be upgraded to upto 40hrs (5 work shifts). Charged via USB C port

Simple and accurate

Works harmoniously with our mobile phone App and does not require expensive setup.

Easy to follow steps in the App helps getting up and running in under 1 min!


Data is sampled multiple times a second to provides unprecedented insights into the risks


Can run on a mobile phone

HSE Compliant

Our analytics interprets our sensor data into ergonomic risk parameters defined by HSE. Our App helps navigate easily from a MAC style assessment to a full L23 assessment.

Individualised risk assessments

Our analytics allows customization of risk assessment to individual staff, taking into account individual anthropometry.

Automated reports

Our App creates a detailed risk-assessment report which can be emailed or shared, making the process truly digital.

Integration with existing H&S processes

Our solution is designed to integrate seamlessly and compliment existing H&S processes, by making them data-led and proactive.

SpatialCortex AI analytics HSE MAC manual-handling risk assessment for MSD injury prevention

Most comprehensive and easy to use MSD
risk-assessment technology

The sensors can be worn over any piece of clothing, and can be suitable for any industry with elements of manual-handling.



Ease of integration

We understand that every organization is different and so are the processes. Designed with flexibility in mind, we can help adapt and tailor our offering to your specific needs.

We can work via one of the following to best suit your needs and are happy to work with you to quantify Return-on-Investment (RoI). Please speak to us to find out more.

What people say

H&S manager

Visual manual-handling risk assessments are subjective, less accurate and not repeatable. SpatialCortex’s quantitative and accurate system can save time and effort.

Sr. H&S manager

“Manual handling injury rate has hit a plateau in the last few years. Your technology shows promise to lower the injury rate further.

Rail staff 

Data from the technology will help me pay attention to posture and look after my back, like I use smart watch to stay fit

Supported by

SpatialCortex is supported by InnovateUK for MSD injury prevention technology
SpatialCortex safety technology company is supported by SETSquared
SpatialCortex helps MSD injury reduction in rail sector. Supported by TFW.

by Transport for Wales

SpatialCortex helps MSD injury reduction in rail sector. Supported by LNER.
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