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Our Mission

To help responsible businesses protect their staff from Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) and manual-handling injuries before they occur, using revolutionary technology. 

Our Story

Our story began in 2018, seeing first-hand the impact work-place injuries can have on healthy men and women and their families. We were startled to find that conventional methods for managing MSD risks were reactive and desperately needed an upgrade. The technological solutions available had limited scope and usability, while high-end solutions were not accessible to every workplace. We wanted to make revolutionary technology accessible to every workplace.


SpatialCortex was born at the intersection of deep compassion and passion for technology to provide a step-change. Over the last 5+ years, we have worked closely with our very supportive early adopters, H&S stakeholder and staff and injected genuine innovation and ingenuity and have created solutions we are proud of. Our solutions help understand, anticipate, mitigate and prevent MSD risks in any workplace.

This journey isn't just about developing groundbreaking technology; it's about the lives we touch, and the H&S teams we empower to achieve zero-harm in their workplaces.

At the heart of our company beats the passion of a diverse team made of technologists, specialists in H&S, Ergonomics and Human-Factors, but more importantly, dedicated individuals who prioritize people above all else. With decades of experience, our commercial leaders and specialists bring invaluable knowledge to the table. We are fortunate to be supported by an excellent set of advisors from industry and the regulatory body.

We put a lot of passion and commitment into everything we do and strive for excellence. The awards we have won and the recognition we have received are all testaments of our dedication and focus.

Being in the business of protecting people from injuries, we put people at the heart of everything we do, whether it's our internal staff, clients or our end-users. Being a people first company is what truly defines us.


Team and leadership

Meet The Team

CEO of SpatialCortex Sensors and AI analytics for MSD injury prevention
Kailash Manohara Selvan

Founder & CEO

CCO of SpatialCortex Sensors and AI analytics for MSD injury prevention
Dr. Jess Brown

Chief Commercial Officer

Health and Safety, Ergonomics and Human-Factors expert of SpatialCortex Sensors and AI analytics for MSD injury prevention
Mark Turner

Health & Safety and Human factors Advisor

reduce claim costs and improve productivity with SpatialCortex Sensors and AI analytics for MSD injury prevention
Ian Macbeth

Business Strategy Mentor

AI analytics for safety, ergonomic injury risk prevention used in S
Thivya Raju

Senior Software Engineer

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