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SpatialCortex’s Ergonomic Risk Assessment App, to be used in conjunction with the MOVA sensor system.

SpatialCortex are delighted to announce the launch of their ergonomic risk-assessment App that works with SpatialCortex’s MOVA wearable sensors, providing objective manual-handling risk assessments without the need for subjective visual inspections. The App allows the user to track manual-handling risk-assessment parameters (following HSE guidance), to provide real-time indication of risks to the wearer. By using the App, in conjunction with the MOVA sensors, enables high quality risk assessments, anywhere for almost time duration in any environment.

SpatialCortex will be demonstrating the app at the Rail Innovation Exhibition 2023 held at the National conference Centre on 18th October 2023.

“SpatialCortex’s mission is to reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) in the workplace, which cost the UK industry over £6Bn per year and 8.9 million workdays are lost each year to those companies. The new App is the next step in providing a complete solution to address MSDs in manual handling and allows for a complete autonomous, real-time analysis of risks to the wearer.” commented Dr Jess Brown, Chief Commercial Officer at SpatialCortex.


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